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Here's my problem with LiveJournal:

           I have a nagging suspicion that someone will read this someday and think it is a) stupid b) poorly written or c) overly complainy, all of which it will probably be at some point, so they will be right and I will be cranky.

           Also, it's hard to make things look cute and varied so that it's not a big block of text that looks intimidating to read, because that is generally my tendency. And the reason I can never get over a 95% on an essay.

     I can't tell if I should be writing my thoughts about things, or what I'm actually doing, OR what my thoughts are while I'm doing things. Conundrums abound. Also doldrums. And bongo drums.

 Surprisingly, in the four hours I've been sitting on my ass, I didn't even turn on Rosenkvalier (though I did watch a clip of Rigoletto). This is sad. Because really all I was doing instead was thinking about how hungry I am and reading my newest copy of Opera News, which happens to be like four months old.

      HOWEVER I have also been doing homework kindof. As in, I wrote down a couple of facts about Rossini and Debussy because my voice teacher asked me to. Oh yeah, and I sang along to some recordings of Bernadette Peters in Annie Get Your Gun.

BOOM. (crunch)
Badass-ery abounds. As do Into the Woods references.

I actually saw Bernadette (that's right, first name basis) last October with two of my lovely new friends at the time, Emily & Carrie- the latter of which sadly had to move back home to North Carolina- but it was an INCREDIBLE experience. Also a really stupid one, but for me they tend to go hand in hand, so it's all good.
Either way, it's a story for another night, as I am sleepy and have a lesson tomorrow (today??)
So sei es.

Gute Nacht! (oder) Guten Morgen!

Seriously, House, you are not Seinfeld, you did not need to keep going after 5 or 6 seasons. The guy can only have SO MANY dramatic twists. When everyone leaves the show except for the title character, you need to realize that the ship has sailed.


I'm trying really hard not to make this a theme, but let me just say that I cannot deal with any more sorority nonsense from my roomate. If I hear one more story about "Big" (as though that were the girl's real name) I may blow a gasket. I am generally a cheerful person, but the amount of UNNECESSARY peppiness in my room is reeeaaaaally aggravating. And if you make it seem as though you are even MILDLY interested in the proceedings, you will be lectured about the whole nonsense until you're stuck fighting a very strong urge to rip your ears off.

End Rant.


Today I very stupidly told a friend I would work the graveyard shift for him because he was sick. GAHHHH why did I have to be nice? I don't wanna! I already get no sleep and there's little-to-no internet access in his booth! Here's hoping that I can figure out a way to rectify that, but if not I will be unable to look up classes for spring semester. On the plus side, I WILL be able to finish the Covent Garden production of Rosenkavalier that my friend lent me. Everything evens out. 




not stupid:

kiri te kanawa FTW!!!
(is it just me, or does her dress look oddly photoshopped? THEORY- Kiri Te did a nude photoshoot and tried to cover it up. JK, but she does look DAMN fine for a 67 year old. Or for anyone really)


Does anyone else's computer refuse to warn them when it's low on battery??

I swear, my computer is so aggravating sometimes, and in many more ways than just that.

  I'm such a terrible voice student. I could be listening to the premiere of the Met's new Don Giovanni and instead I'm re-watching X-men: First Class. What a classy kid. Seriously though, it's such a great movie. I mean, I've never seen the original series or read the comics or anything, but the movie totally blew me away the first time I saw it. SO epic. Unfortunately I don't have a userpic of X-men yet, but I figured Captain America would be a suitable replacement.
  Here's a question: Who thought it was a good idea to puff up rice and make a cake out of it? No nutrition value, no flavor... what's the point? I mean, nutella makes it taste great, obviously, but still. They should just prebake the nutella right into it. Maybe it's just me. I kind of want to make nutella cupcakes now.... Could be interesting.
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On a *TECHNOLOGY* note...

As a relatively new user of the Internet and all it has to offer (and by *new* I mean that FB and email were the only things I used until a few months ago) I'm feeling an urge to reflect on all that the past few months have brought me via the Twitter and such.

       I LOVE how many people I've "met" and talked to online that I would never have had the chance to meet otherwise. Being from the east coast and not being able to travel as much as I'd like, what's the chance that I would ever have run into these people from Seattle, California, Chicago and Washington DC? I'm gonna say it's close to 0%. Admittedly, I've mostly talked to people that I've met on Twitter, but I've also found people by reading and commenting on blogs and I really hope that I will be introduced to even more people on these forums. My friends are worried that I'll be sucked into an "internet life" instead of concentrating on my real one, but I don't think there's any worries there. I see no reason why they can't coincide harmoniously.

       Another reason I love meeting people on the internet is because I'm so interested in the details of peoples' lives. I don't mean that in a creepy way- I feel no need to stalk anyone or know their deepest, most intimate secrets without ever having met them in person, but I really am genuine enthralled by the way other people live their lives. There are SO many things to do and see, I certainly can't do them all myself, so why not learn about it from other people and figure out what I SHOULD do and how I should do it? That sounds very calculating, but it really ends up being much more about a feeling than a coolly rational evaluation. But that's also why I love books so much, even though I don't take the time to read NEARLY as often as I want to nowadays. Hopefully I'll be able to get abck into it soon.

Another, hopefully less *whatever-that-was* commentary regarding the Internet-
  Is it just me, or does Twitter require everyone to be as pithy and witty as possible? Is it just the people I follow? OR is it just the people I WANT to follow? I feel like if I don't have something mildly funny/cleverly worded to post, I shouldn't post at all. Is this addage parents will be drumming into their childrens' heads come 2031?

    Some of my friends always post angsty things about how they're getting over their breakups. You know the type, the ones who say things like, "You'll never know how you made me cry" as if NOBODY could figure it out. Really guys? Oh that's right, it's just a "song lyric" from that one song nobody else has ever heard of. Riiiiight.
You're allowed to have a lapse in cleverness on a bad day, but please, you can't let EVERY day be a bad day.

    Other people use Twitter as a political soap box. Take Alec Baldwin for example. THE CHARACTER LIMIT IS 140 FOR A REASON DUDE. You can't just take a paragraph and split it into 140 character segments until you get out your whole spiel. Perhaps I'm being pretentious, but you're missing the point dude! And I don't care about your political agenda, all I want is for you to post quips in the style of Jack Donaghy from 30 Rock! (maybe not fair since we know he's not a writer for the show)

    But really, to use twitter you need to at least know how to reply to someone's tweet without retweeting it to ALL of your followers. It's so annoying, I get probably 50 tweets from him a day.

Needless to say, he will soon be unfollowed.

Okay, I just realized I have to look up train schedules for tomorrow so I can get to my cousin's baby shower (BABIES!!!!!!!!!!!) So I'mma call it quits for the night. Hope you've all been enjoying your rest while I've been writing nonsense.

*Sorry for no pictures, but they're not working tonight. Shmeh.

I'm baaaaack......

You know how I said I was going to sleep after I wrote my synopsis?



Right now it sounds like I'm a bad roomate for yelling while she's sleeping, but usually this is a completely valid technique to stop her from snoring.

I am going to go fume under my covers a little bit now, but I just thought you'd all like to know that roomates are dumb.
If you weren't aware.

Must the week really begin this way?

And by "this way" I mean with me up at 2 AM trying to study.

Let me just take this moment to say that nobody in the history of ever should be forced to try to memorize and differentiate between 25 gregorian chants. Are you kidding me Dr. H? Yes, you're old as dirt and wear a bow tie, but do you REALLY think anyone in the world finds gregorian chants to be as interesting as you do?

This congestion is really not helping either. I tried dressing like a 1960s housewife today to, I don't know, spur my productivity on to greater heights, but that plan was sabotaged by the fact that I feel crummy and I spent twenty minutes trying to draw on even eyeliner wings before I gave into my lack of beauty knowledge. It's a work in progress. I did do laundry though, even though it's sitting in a clean, unfolded pile at the foot of my bed. At least I washed it all though, right? And it's the thought that counts anyway.

I need to go write a synopsis of Lucia di Lammermoor. You know what I've been doing instead? (The the interim between Gregorian Chants and LiveJournal that is.) Researching Lucia. Watching clips on youtube. Reading Walter Scott's Bride of Lammermoor, off of which Donizetti's Lucia is based. Reading the historical accounts off of which the Bride of Lammermoor was based. Looking up pictures. Reading the score. Basically doing everything but writing the damnable synopsis which truthfully, I could have done two hours ago without the internet's involvment at all! DAMN YOU INTERNET!!! Why are you so inviting, accessible and addicting? Is it necessary to torment me so with your pretty pictures and high quality videos?

Okay. My raging headache is about to prevent me from continuing this incredible, pulitzer-prize-worthy missive, so I will just leave you with a few adorable Lucia pictures that I had the pleasure of stumbling upon:

(DISCLAIMER: I apologize if you don't know/like opera/Lucia, but the pictures are preeeeetty so I hope you forgive me)

Diana Damrau as Lucia and Piotr Beczala at Edgardo in the Met's 2008 revival of Mary Zimmerman's Lucia.

This may be my favorite Lucia pic ever, cause really, who wouldn't want their girlfriend's ghost to come back so they could have a beautiful ghosty death reunion?  

Natalie Dessay and (maybe?) Joseph Calleja in the same production a year earlier.

I'm so lucky LiveJournal has such an easy interface, cause I suck at technology normally.

DUDE I don't pretend to know anything about what is quality theatre and what isn't, but it AMAZES ME that they can create such intricately detailed and realistic landscapes ON A FREAKING STAGE. A couple hours before this, it was probably just a black wooden box. SO epic.
I hope you enjoyed my late-night, stuffed up ramblings (i think that's a pun....HA)


Hello Internet!

So. How about those Red Socks? Just kidding. I don't really follow sports all that much.

I've thought about this whole internet journalling thing for a while but I wasn't sure what to say, so I shunted it off to oneside and tried to forget about it. The internet is intimidating man! What if nobody thinks I'm interesting?

One thing you should know about this blog (journal? Blournal?) is that I probably won't be able to keep on top of it. I have a half-full journal from my senior year of highschool that proves my point. That being said, I will try to keep this up to date(ish) if it is at all possible. We'll see how it goes.

Holy crap I just realized it's October 8th.
I was still kind of in September mode here.

List of things I hate:
Long lines at the food store
Not having anything to eat but cough drops because of said lines
People who get $5 movie tickets and don't invite you
Other people's feet on my bed
When Netflix won't load the next episode of Mad Men
Other things that are not quite as pertinant right now

I just started watching Mad Men because a friend of mine who lives down the hall so highly recomended it and even though I already watched the whole first season and am on the second, I still have mixed feelings. At this point, I'm definitely invested in the show, but the some characters really irk me. Also, I'm kind of upset the actors don't put on trans-atlantic accents, but maybe that was an unrealistic expectation of mine.

#1 worst couple ever: Pete and Trudy. OMG ARE THEY ANNOYING OR WHAT??? They're so snotty and pretentious and they think SO much of themselves it's completely ludicrous.

Smug, Snotty People.

I love a lot of the littler characters though, like Joan and Harry and the very flamboyant Italian art director whose name escapes me right now. And Don's KIDS! Ugh, don't get me started, they are so cute. Anyway, plug over, sorry for the product placement. I'll probably talk more about it in later posts though, you've been forewarned.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm not sure there's anything better in the whole world than when your roomate goes away for the weekend. It's wonderful to play whatever music you want and watch whatever you want on TV without having to ask another person's opinion for a couple days. It's also not too bad to have a break from being constantly reminded how much work I have do. Maybe it's just my roomate, but the girl is quite a busy little beaver. And what's more, she's an Anxious busy beaver. Yes, the capitalization was on purpose. I love her dearly, but sometimes I wish she weren't so on top of everything so I wouldn't feel guilty.
Besides that, she keeps getting me sick cause her immune system shot to hell from some medication she has to take. I've had a different cold every week for a month and I'm so not okay with it. Can't be mad at her though, cause I know she's going through the same thing. Poor kid, it's not her fault. It's like when your 5 year old gets the flu and brings you down with them. Who could get mad at a 5 year old for getting sick?? Nobody with half a heart, for sure.

Okay, I know it's time for bed when I start writing like a sentimental old lady, so I'm hitting the hay now. Goodnight!

Virgin Blogpost!... kind of?

Well, technically this IS my first ever blog posting, however, it's not exciting. I merely wanted to state to whatever unfortunate souls happen to stumble upon this that I really have little intention of ACTUALLY posting on here. Perhaps you can read about my life some other time (as I know you're all dying to). Cheers!

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