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Here's my problem with LiveJournal:

           I have a nagging suspicion that someone will read this someday and think it is a) stupid b) poorly written or c) overly complainy, all of which it will probably be at some point, so they will be right and I will be cranky.

           Also, it's hard to make things look cute and varied so that it's not a big block of text that looks intimidating to read, because that is generally my tendency. And the reason I can never get over a 95% on an essay.

     I can't tell if I should be writing my thoughts about things, or what I'm actually doing, OR what my thoughts are while I'm doing things. Conundrums abound. Also doldrums. And bongo drums.

 Surprisingly, in the four hours I've been sitting on my ass, I didn't even turn on Rosenkvalier (though I did watch a clip of Rigoletto). This is sad. Because really all I was doing instead was thinking about how hungry I am and reading my newest copy of Opera News, which happens to be like four months old.

      HOWEVER I have also been doing homework kindof. As in, I wrote down a couple of facts about Rossini and Debussy because my voice teacher asked me to. Oh yeah, and I sang along to some recordings of Bernadette Peters in Annie Get Your Gun.

BOOM. (crunch)
Badass-ery abounds. As do Into the Woods references.

I actually saw Bernadette (that's right, first name basis) last October with two of my lovely new friends at the time, Emily & Carrie- the latter of which sadly had to move back home to North Carolina- but it was an INCREDIBLE experience. Also a really stupid one, but for me they tend to go hand in hand, so it's all good.
Either way, it's a story for another night, as I am sleepy and have a lesson tomorrow (today??)
So sei es.

Gute Nacht! (oder) Guten Morgen!