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Does anyone else's computer refuse to warn them when it's low on battery??

I swear, my computer is so aggravating sometimes, and in many more ways than just that.

  I'm such a terrible voice student. I could be listening to the premiere of the Met's new Don Giovanni and instead I'm re-watching X-men: First Class. What a classy kid. Seriously though, it's such a great movie. I mean, I've never seen the original series or read the comics or anything, but the movie totally blew me away the first time I saw it. SO epic. Unfortunately I don't have a userpic of X-men yet, but I figured Captain America would be a suitable replacement.
  Here's a question: Who thought it was a good idea to puff up rice and make a cake out of it? No nutrition value, no flavor... what's the point? I mean, nutella makes it taste great, obviously, but still. They should just prebake the nutella right into it. Maybe it's just me. I kind of want to make nutella cupcakes now.... Could be interesting.

On a *TECHNOLOGY* note...

As a relatively new user of the Internet and all it has to offer (and by *new* I mean that FB and email were the only things I used until a few months ago) I'm feeling an urge to reflect on all that the past few months have brought me via the Twitter and such.

       I LOVE how many people I've "met" and talked to online that I would never have had the chance to meet otherwise. Being from the east coast and not being able to travel as much as I'd like, what's the chance that I would ever have run into these people from Seattle, California, Chicago and Washington DC? I'm gonna say it's close to 0%. Admittedly, I've mostly talked to people that I've met on Twitter, but I've also found people by reading and commenting on blogs and I really hope that I will be introduced to even more people on these forums. My friends are worried that I'll be sucked into an "internet life" instead of concentrating on my real one, but I don't think there's any worries there. I see no reason why they can't coincide harmoniously.

       Another reason I love meeting people on the internet is because I'm so interested in the details of peoples' lives. I don't mean that in a creepy way- I feel no need to stalk anyone or know their deepest, most intimate secrets without ever having met them in person, but I really am genuine enthralled by the way other people live their lives. There are SO many things to do and see, I certainly can't do them all myself, so why not learn about it from other people and figure out what I SHOULD do and how I should do it? That sounds very calculating, but it really ends up being much more about a feeling than a coolly rational evaluation. But that's also why I love books so much, even though I don't take the time to read NEARLY as often as I want to nowadays. Hopefully I'll be able to get abck into it soon.

Another, hopefully less *whatever-that-was* commentary regarding the Internet-
  Is it just me, or does Twitter require everyone to be as pithy and witty as possible? Is it just the people I follow? OR is it just the people I WANT to follow? I feel like if I don't have something mildly funny/cleverly worded to post, I shouldn't post at all. Is this addage parents will be drumming into their childrens' heads come 2031?

    Some of my friends always post angsty things about how they're getting over their breakups. You know the type, the ones who say things like, "You'll never know how you made me cry" as if NOBODY could figure it out. Really guys? Oh that's right, it's just a "song lyric" from that one song nobody else has ever heard of. Riiiiight.
You're allowed to have a lapse in cleverness on a bad day, but please, you can't let EVERY day be a bad day.

    Other people use Twitter as a political soap box. Take Alec Baldwin for example. THE CHARACTER LIMIT IS 140 FOR A REASON DUDE. You can't just take a paragraph and split it into 140 character segments until you get out your whole spiel. Perhaps I'm being pretentious, but you're missing the point dude! And I don't care about your political agenda, all I want is for you to post quips in the style of Jack Donaghy from 30 Rock! (maybe not fair since we know he's not a writer for the show)

    But really, to use twitter you need to at least know how to reply to someone's tweet without retweeting it to ALL of your followers. It's so annoying, I get probably 50 tweets from him a day.

Needless to say, he will soon be unfollowed.

Okay, I just realized I have to look up train schedules for tomorrow so I can get to my cousin's baby shower (BABIES!!!!!!!!!!!) So I'mma call it quits for the night. Hope you've all been enjoying your rest while I've been writing nonsense.

*Sorry for no pictures, but they're not working tonight. Shmeh.