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Must the week really begin this way?

And by "this way" I mean with me up at 2 AM trying to study.

Let me just take this moment to say that nobody in the history of ever should be forced to try to memorize and differentiate between 25 gregorian chants. Are you kidding me Dr. H? Yes, you're old as dirt and wear a bow tie, but do you REALLY think anyone in the world finds gregorian chants to be as interesting as you do?

This congestion is really not helping either. I tried dressing like a 1960s housewife today to, I don't know, spur my productivity on to greater heights, but that plan was sabotaged by the fact that I feel crummy and I spent twenty minutes trying to draw on even eyeliner wings before I gave into my lack of beauty knowledge. It's a work in progress. I did do laundry though, even though it's sitting in a clean, unfolded pile at the foot of my bed. At least I washed it all though, right? And it's the thought that counts anyway.

I need to go write a synopsis of Lucia di Lammermoor. You know what I've been doing instead? (The the interim between Gregorian Chants and LiveJournal that is.) Researching Lucia. Watching clips on youtube. Reading Walter Scott's Bride of Lammermoor, off of which Donizetti's Lucia is based. Reading the historical accounts off of which the Bride of Lammermoor was based. Looking up pictures. Reading the score. Basically doing everything but writing the damnable synopsis which truthfully, I could have done two hours ago without the internet's involvment at all! DAMN YOU INTERNET!!! Why are you so inviting, accessible and addicting? Is it necessary to torment me so with your pretty pictures and high quality videos?

Okay. My raging headache is about to prevent me from continuing this incredible, pulitzer-prize-worthy missive, so I will just leave you with a few adorable Lucia pictures that I had the pleasure of stumbling upon:

(DISCLAIMER: I apologize if you don't know/like opera/Lucia, but the pictures are preeeeetty so I hope you forgive me)

Diana Damrau as Lucia and Piotr Beczala at Edgardo in the Met's 2008 revival of Mary Zimmerman's Lucia.

This may be my favorite Lucia pic ever, cause really, who wouldn't want their girlfriend's ghost to come back so they could have a beautiful ghosty death reunion?  

Natalie Dessay and (maybe?) Joseph Calleja in the same production a year earlier.

I'm so lucky LiveJournal has such an easy interface, cause I suck at technology normally.

DUDE I don't pretend to know anything about what is quality theatre and what isn't, but it AMAZES ME that they can create such intricately detailed and realistic landscapes ON A FREAKING STAGE. A couple hours before this, it was probably just a black wooden box. SO epic.
I hope you enjoyed my late-night, stuffed up ramblings (i think that's a pun....HA)



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Oct. 10th, 2011 11:37 am (UTC)
Sorry about the sickness and the snoring roommate. :( But that set is amazing. Damn.
Oct. 12th, 2011 08:57 am (UTC)
Right? My favorite thing about the Met is that they have the funds to do SUCH incredible things with their sets and costumes. You may only be able to see it on HD broadcast videos, but the details they incorporate are amazing
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